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{Mama Mondays} Teething Helps

Teething is rough.  Painful enough that banging one’s head against the wall feels better than what is going on in the mouth.  At least that’s what my son’s actions are telling me.  Esteban cut his first two teeth when he was 2 ½ months old (!), then five teeth came in all at once a few months later.  Now, Esteban is cutting eight teeth (4 canines and 4 molars) and it is rough!

I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve found helpful during the intense teething times:91pMLN6hX9L._SL1500_

-Hylands teething tablets and gel – we use the teething tablets quite a bit and gel every once in a while.

811bRzA-6bL._SL1500_Baltic Amber Teething Necklace – Esteban wears this almost every day, although we take it off during naptimes and bedtime.  Baltic amber is resin from fossil resin from pine trees.  As it warms up on the skin is slowly releases succinic acid that works as a natural analgesic (pain reliever), it’s also known to provide calming effects and support the immune system* (source).  Wearing the necklace seems to help take the edge off of the pain, although it never seems to take the pain away completely for us.

-Cold wash cloths – I put a wet washcloth in the freezer for just a couple of minutes and give it to Esteban to naw on.

-Watermelon, smoothies, and other cold foods – Anything cool to help ease the pain!

-Sophie the Giraffe teethers – big and little; I mentioned this in my favorites of the first year post but wanted to mention it here too.  Sophie is our best friend and goes everywhere.71-ZnM0UcwL._SL1450_

Bach’s Rescue Remedy for Kids – helps the body with stress and seems to help Esteban feel better and calm down/be less fussy.  I also use this when Esteban is getting sick and love it!

-Essential Oils – lavender, copaiba, and clove on his feet are my favorites.

Those are my main go to’s for teething help.  What do you use?  Anything else that’s not on my list that you have found especially helpful?

*source one & two

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