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{Daily Life Wednesdays}: Family Life Update

Photo Apr 15, 11 50 46 AMA brief update on what’s been going on in our lives since the last update in January:Photo Apr 11, 2 21 04 PM

Esteban:  turns 11 months old on Friday, which is just crazy to me.  “The days are long, the years are short” has never rang more true.  He is such a personable little guy; he loves to greet all people and especially loves being around other kids.  Esteban pulls himself up to standing and loves to walk around with the help of our fingers to give him some balance.  Esteban also loves figuring out how things fit together – he has these little bath toys that he takes the lid off and then screws it back on.  With the nicer weather Esteban and I take lots of walks together and often go to the park to swing.

Photo Apr 15, 11 48 24 AMEpi:  has been especially busy with his running club – five of the boys are registered to run a half marathon in July so he has been working hard to get sponsorship for shirts, registration fees, running gear, etc.  He has gotten a lot of support both from individuals as well as organizations which is very encouraging.  Epi is gearing up to coach a soccer league which will begin in a couple of weeks and has been working hard with everything else for work as well.

Me:  The end of last month I had the privilege to be present for one of my mentees give birth to her son.  He is a cute little guy.  It has been a lot of fun to walk alongside her while she goes through the newborn phase of life again (she has a 4-year-old daughter as well), and give lots of snuggles to the little man.  The other girl I mentor is graduating from high school in June so we’ve been working hard to get things in order for her to start college and get a job.  The rest of my time when I’m not at work is spent with Esteban which is always a lot of fun.

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{Daily Life Wednesdays}: Family Update


Processed with VSCOcam with c6 presetEsteban* turned 8 months old last week and is learning new things all the time.  He army crawls all over the house and loves his newfound mobility. Ever since he was a tiny newborn he loved to be in constant motion; now that he’s a hefty 25 pounds, I’m happy he’s starting to be able to move himself. 🙂  Last month he cut five teeth, so now has a total of seven teeth! He eats and enjoys almost everything, even stronger flavors like curry.  Esteban loves to give kisses, wave, and greet people (as well as inanimate objects); he says “hi” and “hey” a lot, along with “dada” and “all done.”  He is such a joy, and so full of laughter and smiles!

*I’ve noticed Esteban’s name is a little tricky for non-Spanish speakers to say.  Here’s a little pronunciation guide: Eh-STEH-bahn (the emphasis is on the second syllable).


Epi is busy at work doing one-on-one mentoring sessions with the guys as well as leading group sessions.  Right now he splits his time between juvenile justice (gang involved youth who are on probation) and junior leaders (at risk youth in 6th-8th grade).  Epi is a part of Neighborhood Sports Little Village, or NSLV, a group of people and organizations working together to create access and opportunities for youth in Little Village to play.  Currently NSLV has a volleyball league each Thursday evening, Epi plays on a team with some of the Junior Leader guys.  Epi also started a running club this past summer for youth in Little Village.  It has been so cool to see them run each week in the neighborhood, at the local gym now that the weather has turned chilly, and in a couple of local races.  A few of the Epi’s mentees come over and hang out at the house pretty often which we love, Esteban loves them all too – it’s like he has older brothers!IMG_9480

I love, love, love being a mama! It certainly has its challenges but I enjoy being with Esteban so much and am thankful to be able to work only part time so I can spend the majority of my day at home with him.  I work mornings at the non-profit health center I’ve been at since graduating college, after returning from maternity leave I moved from Development to Clinic Operations, which basically means I help with scheduling for our providers and communicating with patients.  I manage customer service for patients as well (this has been an interesting task).  I also mentor two girls; after mentoring them for almost six years it’s cool to see where they’re at with their life.  Both have challenges in life for sure, but are strong young women and working hard keep moving forward.

That’s us in a nutshell.  Hope you are all having a wonderful January and start to 2015.

{Top Photo:  view from our back porch the other morning}

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a quick thanksgiving list.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! E and I hosted about 10 of our mentees & their friends at our house yesterday.  The day was full of E and me making many of the day’s dishes, a full house in the evening, rounds of Taboo, and lots of laughter.  Truly things to be thankful for.  To close this holiday week I wanted to leave you with a list of a few things I’ve been especially thankful:

  • The little one that is growing inside of me and the excitement that comes with his/her arrival.
  • Celebrating 1 year of marriage with E last month – I am so thankful for this man, this past year with him has been so much fun as we’ve started building a life together.
  • Getting to see friends and family in far away places this past year – a new niece was the occasion to travel to PA, a friend getting married meant going back to NE for a weekend, and other smallish road trips made for an exciting year of travel.
  • Our home and the many people who have filled it this last year.
  • Close friends to laugh, cry, share life with…and play scrabble with.
  • The girls I have been able to mentor and watch grow over the past four years, and the new girls I have met this year and have gotten to hang out with and mentor.  Such a privilege it is to be allowed into their lives.
  • My family and the people who are in it.  Those who’ve known me my entire life and those I’ve known their entire life.  The strength in some of these people have taught and inspired me.
  • Our neighborhood and all the people in it.
  • My piano & its current home…and those that house it. 🙂
  • Friends at work, the potlucks we’ve had together, and other treats shared.
  • A job – one that helps pay the bills and provides health insurance for E, myself, and the little bambino
  • A working oven/stove – cooking is my therapy and the way I put my science degree to use.  Any recipe is conquerable after doing organic chem lab!
  • All of you who read this blog.  I started this as a way to document the stories I learn from those around me and have been delighted to see so many of you read and take an interest in what’s going on.
  • Hope for all that lies ahead.
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