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{Mama Mondays}: List of Baby Favorites


On this Mama Monday I thought I’d share items I especially used and enjoyed during Esteban’s first year.

  • Co-sleeper – We co-slept with E until he was 6 months. I loved this since it kept him right next to me but not in the bed where his daddy could squish him.
  • Infantino Activity Gym – Lots of tummy time was spent here. Also, the mobile was Infantino Play MatE’s favorite thing for months, he would talk away to the flying butterflies (which gave me time to make myself some lunch or get dressed!).
  • Little Unicorn Diaper bag – Originally I bought a cute backpack from Forever21 for E’s diaper bag. After a while though it started to fall apart and I realized having lots of pockets and compartments is helpful when you only have one hand to rummage through the bag with.
  • little unicornMoby Wrap – I love baby wearing! The Moby wrap was my favorite carrier until E became too heavy for it.
  • Spit-Up/Burp cloths –because of E’s acid reflux we used these all the time!! This one is my favorite as it absorbs a lot quickly and works as a bib also.
  • Aden and Anias Swaddling Blankets – We swaddled E a lot in the beginning, these were the best blankets I found for getting a secure swaddle.DarkBlue-Stars-1
  • Dribble bibs – Between spit up and drooling E has worn these every day since his first month. I especially like the “bandanna style,” they seem less obnoxious as regular bibs and still do the job.
  • Munchkin White Sound machine – Living on a busy street and in a small apartment, we use white noise whenever E is sleeping. This noise machine is a great price and has a lot of sound options as well as a projector with little pictures to look at.
  • Nose Frida – Gross in theory but awesome in getting the job done.
  • Cloth diapers – I have a love hate relationship with our cloth diapers. They save us lots of money and I like that we’re not creating tons of garbage.  However, they leak once they get too full. Usually by the time we realize it, E needs both a diaper and a pant change.
  • Diaper Pail and Reusable Diaper Pail Liner
  • Sophie the Giraffe – I was a little dubious about Sophie, she is such a trendy toy I wasn’t sure if she was actually going to be as great as I kept hearing.  Sophie though is one of E’s favorite toys (and can be seen in most pictures with E), perfect for chewing and holding. We also like the mini version!
  • This website for making my own baby food.  So helpful and such tasty food. Baby-Banana-Bendable-Training-Toothbrush-Infant-0-1
  • Baby Toothbrush – Brushing teeth is one of E’s favorite activities. I bought this tooth brush because it was cute and I liked that Esteban couldn’t shove it too far in.  E just loves it.  🙂
  • Ergo – What I use now for baby wearing. Esteban and I go on walks each day with it and often when he’s having crabby or clingy moments (or hours!) I put him in the Ergo.
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