It’s been a month since I had my 29th birthday and set the goal to write more this year.  One of the places I am hoping to bring some of my writing to is this (neglected) blog.

Around my birthday every year, I like to sit down and list goals for the upcoming year. This time I also paused to step back and observe themes that run through my life.  What things do I do, enjoy doing, or even dislike that occur over and over again?  So many I hadn’t paid much attention to but once I actually saw them it made so much sense.

One of the themes I realized maybe I shouldn’t ignore, and instead embrace, is writing. When I was little I’d fill notebooks with stories and thoughts.  If I was upset or frustrated I’d write it out and that seemed to help put my thoughts in better order.  Now as an adult, I often think of ideas to write about things I’d like to get down on paper and process or share with others.  As an adult though, writing suddenly became a little scarier. At least the writing that would be shared with others.  My journals are filled with thoughts and reflections, but sharing bits and pieces with others? Not so much. Maybe it was all the papers I wrote in school that were marked up with red pen that deters me.  Maybe it’s the idea of being an adult and being vulnerable that somehow seem a bit contradictory.

This is why I shy away from blogging. It’s kind of a scary thing.  But what is the name of this blog that I named way back in 2012(!) when I started it?  VidaCourageous.  Living a courageous life has been another theme throughout my life. This shy girl from Nebraska, who pushes herself outside of her comfort zone over and over again, who got the word courage tattooed on her neck just to remind her fear didn’t need to dictate her actions.  This girl has to work hard to do the scary things (as does everyone I think).  So, blogging is kind of scary for me & difficult, but time to push past that fear and just write.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve been on this blog, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from this blog over the years:

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2 thoughts on “Writing.

  1. Francine gray says:

    As I read these blogs…I’m finding such a gratefulness to rise in my heart to God… I’m so proud you are walking beside epi…you are a beautiful young lady….love that young man, epi…now you….

    • Liz Diaz says:

      Oh, thank you so much Francine. That warms my heart to read. So hope we get to meet in person one day, I am so thankful for you and all of your prayers over Epi since long ago.

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