Little Red Bird

Towards the end of my pregnancy I was up a lot during the night, at 3am every morning a bird would start singing the most beautiful tune.  Hearing him sing to world was comforting.  Being up during the night feels lonely, hearing that little guy though made me feel like I wasn’t alone.  After Esteban was born, being up through the night continued as did the bird’s singing.  I’d be up feeding Esteban when suddenly I’d hear the familiar song and without looking at the clock I knew it was 3a.  I wasn’t by myself any longer, my friend was awake too.

Winter came, the windows shut, and birds flew south.  I forgot about the bird.  House-Finch-in-SummerWithin the past month the weather here has warmed considerably and I put a bird feeder outside of our kitchen window.  I didn’t even think about the bird, more just about bringing a little more nature to our urban home.  I wanted Esteban to see something other than pigeons in the alley picking at garbage.

Shortly after hanging the feeder I heard the familiar song, this time much closer than I was used to.  Peeking through the blinds I saw a little red finch sitting on our deck’s rail with his head thrown back, his chest puffed out, and his mouth belting out a beautiful tune.  Now, he is at our bird feeder throughout the day and if he’s not at the feeder or on our deck he’s on a wire nearby singing away.

Having this little guy nearby has been such fun company to have.  Esteban and I watch him through the window, enjoy his singing, and say hello when we head out on our walk.  I love nature and often miss seeing much of it living in the city.  This little finch has been such a gift to us!

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