a new year, a few changes.

Guys! Ahh, it’s been too long.  I’ve been struggling a bit on what to write here.  I have so many things I’d like to share, thoughts and stories and events rolling around in my head I’d like to get down on paper.  Often though, I think of what my blog has been (anonymous stories about things I’ve observed) and feel like some of what I want to write about doesn’t really fit in.

I also struggle with knowing how much to share as it’s important to me to respect those around me if/when I share a story that involves them.  The people in my neighborhood aren’t “those people” to tell stories about or show how “they” live.  “Those people” are my neighbors, my friends, and are people with just as much worth and value as anyone else.  It gets tricky as I write about all of this, about gang lines and about people my husband and I interact with.  I want to record the ways I’m challenged in my thinking, inspired, and just what I see in my day to day life.  I won’t pretend to understand, or offer the solutions.  I do want to share the beauty of it though, the courageous lives I see being lived out around me each day.  I want to share the stories behind what people see only as stereotypes and prejudices.

I will be the first to admit, I have lots to learn and areas to grow in.  That’s what I hope this blog does – helps me to process events and circumstances I encounter, to share my thoughts with you and hear thoughts back from readers (in a constructive respectful way of course :)).

I also hope for this blog to help those who aren’t living here with us to feel a little more connected with our lives.  I often hear from people who don’t live here in Chicago with us, that they aren’t really sure what my husband, Epi, or I do, or even why we’re choosing to live and raise our family here.

So, this blog will be changing a bit.  No longer will the author be this anonymous-ish person (I think most readers know who I am since I do publicize new posts on my social media sites).  I also plan to open it a bit more to include parts of our family life to document a timeline of sorts for our family.  I think I’ll include some mom pieces too.  I’ve experienced some interesting things with my son, Esteban, so far and reading other blogs on how to handle issues such as multiple food intolerances, bi-racial/bi-lingual homes, etc. was so helpful, I’d like to include my two cents as well.

We’ll see how this goes.  At first it may be a little messy and all over the place.  I’m sure things will start to organize themselves.  Please feel free to chime in and share what you’d like to hear from me about!

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