a quick thanksgiving list.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! E and I hosted about 10 of our mentees & their friends at our house yesterday.  The day was full of E and me making many of the day’s dishes, a full house in the evening, rounds of Taboo, and lots of laughter.  Truly things to be thankful for.  To close this holiday week I wanted to leave you with a list of a few things I’ve been especially thankful:

  • The little one that is growing inside of me and the excitement that comes with his/her arrival.
  • Celebrating 1 year of marriage with E last month – I am so thankful for this man, this past year with him has been so much fun as we’ve started building a life together.
  • Getting to see friends and family in far away places this past year – a new niece was the occasion to travel to PA, a friend getting married meant going back to NE for a weekend, and other smallish road trips made for an exciting year of travel.
  • Our home and the many people who have filled it this last year.
  • Close friends to laugh, cry, share life with…and play scrabble with.
  • The girls I have been able to mentor and watch grow over the past four years, and the new girls I have met this year and have gotten to hang out with and mentor.  Such a privilege it is to be allowed into their lives.
  • My family and the people who are in it.  Those who’ve known me my entire life and those I’ve known their entire life.  The strength in some of these people have taught and inspired me.
  • Our neighborhood and all the people in it.
  • My piano & its current home…and those that house it. 🙂
  • Friends at work, the potlucks we’ve had together, and other treats shared.
  • A job – one that helps pay the bills and provides health insurance for E, myself, and the little bambino
  • A working oven/stove – cooking is my therapy and the way I put my science degree to use.  Any recipe is conquerable after doing organic chem lab!
  • All of you who read this blog.  I started this as a way to document the stories I learn from those around me and have been delighted to see so many of you read and take an interest in what’s going on.
  • Hope for all that lies ahead.
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