Thank you all for your kind words in response to my last post. The last two weeks have been hard, full of sorrow, anger, of questions, and wondering how deep this hole in my stomach goes.

The day after K’s funeral, a storm came up from what seemed like nowhere swallowing the city in black clouds, strong winds, and sheets of rain. The afternoon, which previously had been sunny and clear, turned dark and tumultuous. E and I watched lightning flash across the sky and felt the thunder shake our insides. Just as quickly as it started the storm stopped, leaving eerie clouds and lightning flickering periodically, but no more rain or wind and only soft rumbles of thunder left. Mostly there was silence. Stillness after the storm.

The storm – its suddenness, intensity and darkness reminded me of all that ensued in the days following news of K’s death. And as E and I sat there, rawness and pain still sitting with us, the quiet following the storm reminded me of that which is ahead.

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