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  • Today is national doughnut day.  I think I will celebrate by making these, or these, or maybe these.
  • Summers in Chicago are wonderful – the weather is generally beautiful, the lake and beaches are full of boaters, swimmers, and picnickers, and there are always free things going on.  E and I will definitely be attending a few of these in the upcoming months.
  • To kick off the summer & to wrap up a season of “funship” events E and I are having our first summer cookout (and first cookout hosting as a married couple!) this weekend – carne asada, chorizo, guacamole, beans, rice, bubbles and sidewalk chalk for the kids, beach balls and bean bags.  I’m excited.
  • Been reading this book as of late.  While not what I initially expected – it was written in the 1600’s so the language is a bit antiquated – it is both challenging and encouraging.  I have been pouring over it and soaking it in.
  • People and their stories are beautiful.  One day I dream of writing a book to tell stories of the people in my neighborhood.  In the meantime I love browsing this site, looking at humans in New York.
  • Miklo ate a poisonous plant this morning and was taken on an emergency vet trip.  Gah.  It sounds like he’ll be fine although the vet was clearly disappointed in me declining the “supportive treatments” (giving him fluids via IV and the cat equivalent to pepto bismol that were going to cost $200!).
  • Looking forward to doing this DIY summer decor project.
  • this website and blog are two of my recent favorite sites to browse. If you’re looking for design inspiration and/or need help with web design she’s the girl to go to.
  • Recently a few friends and I were talking about various cultural expectations and habits with new babies.  This one blew my mind a little, this one I think should become the norm here in the US as well.
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