List of 10

Sorry for the absence here on the blog. Yikes, almost three months gone! To start back into things and because I love lists I thought I would give you 10 things I have been loving and/or learning in the month of May:
1. I have loved making my own sodas! This, this, and this have been my favorites. Such a delicious treat to enjoy on the back porch after work.

2. Sprinkles cupcake ATM is fantastic.

3. My guitar needs to come out of hiding.  It’s been packed away for too long.

4. This book is a must-read for anyone who has depression, knows someone who has it, or just wants to learn more. I just finished it and found it insightful on so many levels.

5. I can’t stop playing this:

6.  May has been a month of much celebration – one wedding, four birthdays, mothers day, and my nephew learned to walk!! Here is a picture from one of the birthday celebrations:

7.  When animals of different species become friends.

8.   Pinholepress – so many projects I’d like to do!

9.  LUSH products.  I just went there for the first time this month and have been loving what I got.

10.  Having a blank canvas on my easel at home is a must, it fosters creativity in my brain by just sitting there and it’s ready for whenever the girls I mentor or I decide we’re in the mood to paint!

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