I was recently asked what I thought some common misconceptions are regarding youth and families living in the city, specifically those living in the neighborhoods I live and work in.  Right away a few misconceptions came to mind, these are ones that I see & hear often even from people who have moved into our neighborhood to do ministry.  Really, if I am being honest, these are ones I find myself thinking at times if I am not careful.  Other misconceptions are subtle, or not as often observed.  I thought instead of talking about these in one post I’d start a series and over time as I see a misconception or hear about one from my friends and neighbors I will write about them.  I’m still yet to come up with a name for this series, so if any of you have an idea of what to call it please share!  My hope is that this will start a dialogue among readers as well as out in our communities! I already have asked one of the girls I mentor what she thinks are some misconceptions and loved hearing her responses.  I’m excited to share and discuss these with you all.  Stay tuned.

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