Food and Community

Where I live and work is considered a food dessert.  There are not a lot of grocery stores, mostly corner stores filled with packaged food and perhaps a few fresh produce items depending on where you go.  The neighborhood where I work specifically, is empty when it comes to healthy food options as well as any type of sit down restaurants.  Every Wednesday the Fresh Moves Bus comes in and parks in front of LCHC, filled with fresh produce for the community to buy.  It’s unique to step into an old city bus transformed into a produce section of a grocery store!  Other ideas have been developing on how to address the food dessert challenge of our community.  One thing I am especially excited about and thankful for is the opening of the Green Tomato Cafe this week!  LCHC has worked to create a cafe within our new building.  The cafe itself is beautiful with a mix of comfortable chairs and couches by a fireplace and tables for sit down meals.  The menu is composed of southern comfort, cafe types of beverages and snacks, and general healthy items made from whole food ingredients.  Employees of LCHC were given the chance to stop in last week for a test run and I must say, the food is delicious! The recipes for the some of the menu items are also available so those in the community not only have access to healthy food prepared for them but also the resources to make it on their own if they would like.  Eventually the cafe is also hoping to have cooking classes and other nutrition types of classes.  Opening a cafe in our neighborhood has been a dream of mine after visiting Homegirl Cafe in Los Angeles a few years back.  I absolutely love cooking, sharing recipes, and teaching others to cook.  I can’t wait for the cafe to open to public and am excited for there to be a place in our community for residents to stop by for a meal or a cup of coffee!

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  1. Amy says:

    Wait, was that “Threemendous” ad supposed to be at the end of your blog? Ha, how ironic

  2. Liz Diaz says:

    lol! i didn’t see it, glad that it went away!

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