Tight spaces and close quarters are common things in Chicago, especially when trying to navigate a large vehicle through a small residential street lined with parked cars.  It was in this sort of situation the other afternoon that a woman from my neighborhood drove her large van down the street and turned the corner, from her viewpoint she couldn’t see the man on his bike who had to veer his bike between two parked cars in order to not be sideswiped by the van.  Not knowing who was driving and reacting from fear the man started screaming profanities while riding after the van. It was in this moment one of the young men of that block, one most would see only as a gang member without much of a concern for others, paused.  He had seen the traditional, older woman driving the van and knew she hadn’t even seen the man on the bike much less realized she had almost hit him.  As the man on the bike yelled and became more worked up the van stopped.  The driver heard the yelling and paused to see what had happened. In this pivotal moment the young man took a step closer to the van and the angry man, with a look of protection on his face.  He was not about to let the woman be left on her own to confront the angry man.  As soon as the woman stepped around the van and the upset man saw it was a woman he was so upset and angry towards he paused, but was not pushed off track of his rage. He continued yelling at her as she looked on surprised and scared.  The young man then took another step forward and suddenly the older, angry man noticed he was being watched and realized he had been watched the entire time by this young man ready to protect a stranger if need be.  He paused, shook his head, hopped on his bike and rode away.  The older woman and young man made eye contact and young man nodded his head, turned and walked away.

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