vidas de valor [courageous lives]

When trying to figure out how to start this blog, what sort of post should be my first, how best to communicate why I am writing , or even where to start writing, I felt overwhelmed. I’m still in the space of figuring out just want I want this blog to be – a journal of some sorts, perhaps a glimpse into life and circumstances as I see them? There are so many conversations that take place, occurrences that happen, or people I meet that cause me to think, “I wish others knew this happened!” or “More people should have glimpses of this.” I do realize my view is limited, I am one person and in many ways an outsider to the culture and neighborhoods that I am in.  Even though I’ve been here for five years my life is still very different than those around me and I completely realize that. I find it a privilege to sit back and listen to people’s stories, those who have been living here their entire lives who have been through all different circumstances, have persevered through trials so many of us would never imagine happening, and to hear the beat of their heart – their passions, their insights, their souls – cry out through their stories.  I love sitting and observing, and listening to those around me and I am so thankful for those who have befriended me, for the random strangers I get to have conversations with, for the glimpses into the courageous lives being lived out all around me each day.

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